Why SerrentiS? 10 good reasons

SerrentiS, together today, together tomorrow.

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Why SerrentiS? – 10 good reasons

Because we…

… import for you.
… personalize.
… control the quality before and after production.
… take responsibility for the products which we import.

… solve problems that have to do with the products or transport.
… do customs clearance for you.
… offer a flexible logistics service.

… are a reliable, competent and trustworthy partner.
… know our products well.
… want to embark in the same direction as you.

Our competency is your competitive advantage

We import for business customers independent of the manufacturer

SerrentiS GmbH is specialized in the production and import of products for hotel supply in Asia and Europe. Our competency in the areas of import, logistics and customs clearance enables smooth execution of container delivery processes. By outsourcing the import tasks to SerrentiS GmbH, our business customers can save resources in their purchasing processes. Thus our customers can concentrate on their core competencies such as sales and marketing.

In addition, several products from parallel orders are pooled and handled in one container. This reduces time – and time is money.

In the production of hotel supply products, a continuous quality over years is essential. The change of a manufacturer offers both opportunities and challenges. Our business customers can choose, if they want to switch to a selected and certified manufacturer from SerrentiS GmbH or if they want to remain with their current supplier for hotel products. With our import service we undertake the buying from a manufacturer of your choice.