Our service for you

Import, customs clearance, logistics and delivery for wholesalers and hotels

To wholesalers and hotels we offer production of personalized hotel supplies for premium hotels including a complete import, customs clearance, logistics and delivery service. In addition, with a large warehouse in Europe we are able to deliver neutral hotel supply products from stock in a short time.

Our strengths include:

Hotel supply trend-setter

SerrentiS continually plans and develops new product lines matching the diverse market requirements inside and outside Europe.

Wide product range

we offer a wide range of hotel supply products in different quality and price categories. Especially in the product segment of hotel and wellness slippers we are a specialist and one of the leading suppliers on the European market.

Good value products

As a result of high-volume orders from wholesalers and hotels all over Europe we are able to produce and to transport large quantities of hotel supply products more cost-effectively These competitive prices are passed on to our customers.


we have a large selection of slipper models, various sizes and colors in our warehouse. With real-time information about the current warehouse stock our customers and wholesalers are able to place an order with a short-term delivery of 3 to 5 working days.

Product and service quality

one of our strengths is our quality management which starts before production begins. At our production plants every order passes through a final inspection. Retained samples are photographed, documented and verified with the customer order regarding size, color and details. This guarantees a low rate of complaint.


we monitor all processes: from the incoming order and production start right through to the export of the goods and the final delivery to the customer. Our merchandise control and management system informs automatically by e-mail about current status and scheduled dispatch.

Convenient payment

with our import service we also take over for you the customs clearance, logistics and advance payment. Our customers pay conveniently only after delivery of their ordered products, by invoice.


By consolidating shipments and pooling orders of several customers we are able to handle and close containers for transport by sea in a very short time. Waiting time until the final loading of the container belongs to the past.