Specialist for the Import of hotel supplies

No delays because of quick customs clearance processes. We are specialized in customs clearance of hotel supply products

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Customs lists and numbers

On the customs lists in the whole world, every product is singly listed and designated a customs number which defines the customs duties for import. However, these charges vary depending on the origin and destination of the product.

Customs Clearance

The customs fees are determined by the customs authorities of each country (or countries’ collective), and often are the result of international agreements between manufacturing and importing countries.

The goods arriving from manufacturing countries are often controlled by the customs authorities in order to compare them with the import documents and ensure their compliance. After the inspection and review of the incurred customs fees, the goods are released and can be transported to their destination.

If there are discrepancies, the customs authority always has the right to control each box of the goods in question individually and retain the goods until the completion of inspections. In an extreme case, the entire container can be confiscated by the customs authority, resulting in appropriate fines and consequences for the importer himself. Because of our precise knowledge of all our obligations, we have never had delivery delays as a result of customs controls.