S-Basic open-toe, white, size 28.2cm

S-Basic open-toe, 3mm EVA sole with cardboard, slipper color white, size 28.2cm, with non-woven dot cloth sole. NEUTRAL


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Product information "S-Basic open-toe, white, size 28.2cm"
This slipper model, made of non-woven material, is suitable for carpeted areas, damp areas and for general use in rooms. This hotel slipper model can be open or closed-toe and, upon request, can be personalized with print in one or more colors, colored, made with a colored border, made in different sizes to the standard size. This is the most budget slipper model, very good value, convenient for any use in rooms and bathrooms.
Made in: Made in China
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DELIVERY TIME: approx. 120 days, from confirmation of order/confirmation of the graphic design.
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