Playa Massage Sandal 9mm. PE in dark gray color, size 26.5cm

Playa Massage Sandal, 9mm PE sole, slipper color is dark gray with dark gray stripes, Size 26.5cm, NEUTRAL


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Product information "Playa Massage Sandal 9mm. PE in dark gray color, size 26.5cm"
Playa flip-flops, made of PE, with a 9mm PE sole in dark gray color with a grooved, striped profile and with dark gray opaque straps, are a universal thong suitable for many areas. In this attractive blue color, the slipper has a sporty look . It can be used on most floor types, for general use in rooms, bathrooms, pools, spas, wellness and at the beach. Upon request, can be personalized with a printed logo in one or more colors on the footbed or straps, can be colored and can be made in different sizes to the standard size. One slipper for all areas is a money-saving alternative, as well as a caring gesture to your guests for wear in damp/wet, pool and beach areas.
Made in: Made in China
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