P-Superior open-toe, size 28,5cm, 4mm

P-Superior open-toe; 4mm EVA sole with cardboard; Slipper color: white; Size: 28.5cm; NEUTRAL. This article has a plastic free packaging with a kraft paper band.


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26.06.2024 : 10 Boxes still available.
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Product information "P-Superior open-toe, size 28,5cm, 4mm"
Luxury slipper model, made of polyester, with a 4mm EVA sole, is a premium slipper, suitable for carpeted areas, for general use in rooms and bathrooms and because of its robust EVA sole can be worn in damp areas and in light terrain outside. This hotel slipper model can be open-or -closed-toe and, upon request, can be personalized with a logo, colored, made with a colored border, made in different sizes to the standard size. This affordable, classic, luxury slipper is suitable for most uses in a hotel.. Plastic packaging has become a topic for everyone. To save our environment it is essential to reduce and avoid plastic packaging. A further step is generally to renounce unnecessary packaging for products. SerrentiS is therefore constantly working to package its products in an environment friendly manner and to avoid extra packaging. Our first step is our #PlasticFreePackaging.
Made in: Made in China
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