ECO-FRIENDLY LINE - Slipper Nature-Piquet open-toe
ECO-FRIENDLY LINE - Slipper Nature-Piquet open-toe in size 28.5cm, 100 % cotton pique reinforced with cotton fleece, sole with plastic dots and cardboard insert, packed with paper band.


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Product information "ECO-FRIENDLY LINE - Slipper Nature-Piquet open-toe"
ECO-FRIENDLY LINE - Slipper Nature-Piquet open-toe in size 28,5cm, slipper made of 100 % cotton pique reinforced with cotton fleece and cardboard insert. Our SerrentiS Nature Piquet slippers are made almost exclusively from natural materials. The outer fabric and the sole are made of 100% cotton and the footbed and the feeding of the bridge of 100% cotton fleece. The sole is stabilized by a cardboard insert. All of these materials are biodegradable and can theoretically be composted. For better wear properties cotton sole with plastic dots (<1% share of the product); Each pair of slippers is packed up plastic-free with a paper band printed with the label 'Eco Friendly'.
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