Child`s bathrobe, terry 350gm², 172 Hooded 92, 007 white

brève description: Bathrobe for children, soft single ply terry quality, 100% cotton, 350gm², model 172 Hooded, 92, 007 white

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Référence d’article : 140573
Informations de livraison : Actuellement non disponible. Délai de livraison d'env. 10 jours. Commande minimum de 1 cartons, même pour les produits personnalisés.
Soft and especially fluffy children`s bathrobes made of 100% pure single ply cotton terry. White with an optical brightener in blue. In eight sizes for children. Perfect fit for all ages, generous back lengths, e.g. for size 92 – 45 cm, 104 – 52 cm, 116 – 63 cm, 128 – 72 cm, 140 – 78 cm, 152 – 85 cm, 164 – 92 cm und 176 – 98 cm.
Hooded for warmth and for quick drying after each bathing experience. “Full-body” cut without side seams, with encased raw edges, sturdy double seam in stressed areas such as the sleeves and neck. Two sewn on side pockets, sturdy tie belt with double loops on both sides for flexible size adaptation.
ISO 9001:2008, Oeko-Tex Standard 100

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- Production with special colours is possible with a minimum quantity of 7 boxes (minimum 4 boxes per size). In this case the delivery time is approx. 6-8 weeks.

- Personalization at the factory: It is possible to embroider directly at the factory, during production, with a low price, with a minimum of quantity of 7 boxes. In this case the delivery time will be approx. 6-8 weeks.

- Personalization in Germany: It is possible to embroider, also only 1 box, in our German embroidery unit. In this case, the price will be higher (because the product is already finished and must be unpacked and then folded and repacked). In this case the delivery time will be approx. 3-4 weeks.