Hammam Flip-Flop, white, size 28.2cm, #PlasticFreePackaging

Descripción breve: Hammam Flip-Flop, 5mm EVA sole, slipper color white, size NEUTRAL. This article has a plastic free packaging with a kraft paper band with pressure #PlasticFreePackaging

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Hammam Flip-Flop is an unpretentious EVA slipper with a 5mm EVA sole and is designed for use in Hammams, spas, pools and Wellness. This economical white slipper can also be worn on most floor types and so for general use in rooms and bathrooms. Upon request, the slipper can be personalized with a printed logo in one or more colors on the footbed, can be colored and can be made in different sizes to the standard size. A space- saving slipper for storage as it is flat packed. This is our most thrifty model for damp areas.
Plastic packaging has become a topic for everyone. To save our environment it is essential to reduce and avoid plastic packaging. A further step is generally to renounce unnecessary packaging for products. SerrentiS is therefore constantly working to package its products in an environment friendly manner and to avoid extra packaging. Our first step is our #PlasticFreePackaging.

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- The minimum order quantity for this personalized product is 3000 pairs. Delivery time is 90 days, from confirmation of order/confirmation of the graphic design.

- The minimum order quantity for this product colored is 10000 pairs. Delivery time is 90 days, from confirmation of order/confirmation of the graphic design.

- This model can be produced in all sizes for children, women and men.

- If you would like to receive an offer for this model, whether it be a personalization or other extras, please contact us.

Personalized Slippers with printed logo, one or multicolored logo.
Colored slippers in a color chosen from the Pantone color palette.
Slippers in different sizes, (all sizes are possible).
Slippers in special packaging e.g. in an organza bag, non-woven fabric, material, cotton etc. (the packaging can be personalized).
Slippers as standard are packed in a sealed plastic bag. These bags can be personalized with a printed logo.