EVENT SLIPPERS - LOVE - Mod. Beach Flip-Flop

Descripción breve: LOVE event slippers - set of 2 pairs of luxurious slippers Mod. beach flip-flops, in the following sizes: 26.6 cm for women and 29.3 cm for men. All slippers are supplied in elegant organza bags. These slippers feature the word LOVE.

EUR 4,2078 el unidad

1 caja contiene 50 unidad | Precio/caja EUR 210,39 neto
Precio/caja EUR 210,39 neto | más 19 % IVA más gastos de envío*

* A partir de 3 cajas gastos de envío gratis dentro de la UE

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Our “Love” slippers are ideal for many occasions.
Express your love to somebody special with these “Love” slippers – on Valentine’s Day, for example. Or to celebrate your engagement or wedding. Or as a declaration of love – or simply as a wonderful gift.

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