NATURAL WEAVE open-toe, 28,5cm

Eco-Friendly NATURAL WEAVE open-toe, 28,5cm

Descripción breve: NATURAL WEAVE - slippers woven from cotton yarn and wood pulp; Sole made of straw + sugar cane; slipper open-toe, length 28.5cm; Border 100% cotton; Packaged plastic-free with a paper band with the print "eco friendly".

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NATURAL WEAVE - slipper, bridge 40% cotton yarn + 60% wood pulp; Bridge inside fleece; Footbed 40% cotton yarn + 60% wood pulp; Sole 50% straw + 50% sugar cane; open at the front, size 28.5cm; Border 100% cotton; with a cardboard insert for stabilization, plastic-free with a paper band with "eco friendly" print.

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