Leaf Palm leaf flip-flop, size 26.5cm

100% Organic Leaf Palm leaf flip-flop, size 26.5cm

Descripción breve: BIO IS BETTER - Palm leaf flip-flop, 2 ply sole in size 26.5cm, bridge made of palm leaf. Slipper pair tied with cotton ribbon

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SerrentiS BIO IS BETTER palm leaf slippers are eco-friendly premium products of a special kind:
They are very soft and thus offer a very pleasant wearing comfort. But also her appearance is remarkable. The beautiful, typical structure of palm leaves characterizes all our BIO IS BETTER slippers. With their exceptional and shiny surface grain, they surpass many other premium slippers in beauty. The BIO IS BETTER palm leaf slipper is a completely successful, 100% natural and biodegradable hotel slipper.

The naturally hard and brittle palm leaf, which, after drying, becomes soft and supple like leather when combined with selected plant extracts - without the addition of chemicals or other artificial products.
Thus, our BIO IS BETTER palm leaf slippers are a very special, environmentally friendly alternative for all hotel slippers made of synthetic, plastic or other environmentally harmful components.

The possible fields of application of the BIO IS BETTER slippers are very diverse: they are suitable for both hotel rooms and wellness areas. Even on the beach, with SerrentiS BIO IS BETTER slippers you show how important our environment is to you.

For those who are interested in the uniqueness of our new BIO IS BETTER palm leaf slippers:

1) SerrentiS BIO IS BETTER palm leaf slippers are made from surplus leaves to create valuable, eco-friendly products - with no added chemicals or artificial additives.

2) No trees are felled for the processing of the leaves. The ecological balance thus remains and no raw materials of our nature are wasted.

3) The above-mentioned plant extracts used in the production are biodegradable according to the test mark REACH & FDA.

4) SerrentiS BIO IS BETTER palm leaf slippers are 100% natural, biodegradable and even compostable. Easy disposal is guaranteed.

5) You can choose between different models: there are both open and closed slippers as well as flip-flops, each in different versions, which can be combined with other natural materials such as jute, canvas or cotton fibers.

6) Each product from the BIO IS BETTER line is a unique natural product and as such may have minor variations. The two-ply palm leaf sole may change slightly depending on the moisture content. When drying the palm leaves, for example, even slightly different shades. However, the charm of these natural products lies in their unique nature.

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