Lilia, closed-toe, white, size 29,5cm

Descripción breve: Lilia, closed-toe white, length 29,5cm, slippers made of cellulose and viscose with a 5 mm PP sole covered with cellulose fabric. This slipper is plastic-free packed with a paper a paper band with printing #PlasticFreePackaging and Made in EU.

EUR 1,1891 el par

Quantity / box, 200 pares | Precio/box EUR 237,82 neto
Precio/box EUR 237,82 neto | más 19 % IVA más gastos de envío*

* A partir de 3 cajas gastos de envío gratis dentro de la UE

Número de artículo : 200051
Información de envío : 1 cajas listas para su envío inmediato. Próxima fecha de entrada de este modelo prevista dentro de 30 días.
Attractive slipper made of cellulose and viscose with a 5mm PP sole covered with cellulose fabric.

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- 1000 pairs while maintaining the slipper colors that are available here in the shop
- 5000 pairs with other slipper colors

approx. 45-60 days from receipt of order confirmation and / or confirmation of the graphic design

Please contact us if you would like an offer regarding personalization.