Community mask - not for medical use

Descripción breve: Sugical mask - not for medical use, white / blue. Import by AIR FREIGHT @ Package: 20pcs - 4000pcs/box

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The community Face mask with ear loop are manufactured and packed in cleanroom environment. Ideal for use in industries / food processing, laboratory / private use and so on/ not for medical use.

High filtration 3-layers fabric
Inner & outer fluid resistant non-woven layers, easy breathable
Extra pliable nose piece ensures snugger fit & reduces fog up of glasses.
No fuzzy tickle feeling on nose & face.
High Filtration Capacity Latex free, fiberglass free With Ties to adjust as you feel more comfortable. Low resistance to respiration Hypoallergenic.

Material: Non-woven,
Nose Bar: 100%recycling metal bar, 8.5cm
Skin irritation: almost negative
Particles: less than 100ea
Weight: 3/g
Type: Ear Loop
Size: 175mm*95mm(length x width)
Color: White/Blue

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