Wellness Velcro, white, size 29.5cm

short description: Wellness Velcro open-toe EVA slipper, 10mm EVA sole, EVA bridge with Velcro fastening, size 29.5cm, slipper color white, NEUTRAL

EUR 2,3685 per pair

Quantity / box, 125 pair | price/box EUR 296,06 net
price/box EUR 296,06 net | plus 19 % VAT and transport costs*

* From 3 boxes there are no transport costs for delivery within the EU

Article nr.: 140109
Delivery information: Availability on stock, 4 boxes. Next arrival of this model is expected for the 21.11.2021
Wellness Velcro is a very attractive open-toe slipper and because of the velcro fastener allows for easy adjustment for comfort and a perfect fit on each foot width. The EVA sole and EVA bridge make it a lightweight yet sturdy slipper suitable for spas, saunas, pools and clinics. The slipper would also complement a hotel room or bathroom and for hotels with a wellness centre, offer an economical choice of one slipper for all purposes.

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- The minimum order quantity for this personalized product is 1000 pairs. Delivery time is 90 days, from confirmation of order/confirmation of the graphic design.

- The minimum order quantity for this product colored is 5000 pairs. Delivery time is 90 days, from confirmation of order/confirmation of the graphic design.

- This model can be produced in all sizes for children, women and men.

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Personalized Slippers with printed logo, one or multicolored logo.
Colored slippers in a color chosen from the Pantone color palette.
Slippers in different sizes, (all sizes are possible).
Slippers in special packaging e.g. in an organza bag, non-woven fabric, material, cotton etc. (the packaging can be personalized).
Slippers as standard are packed in a sealed plastic bag. These bags can be personalized with a printed logo.