P-London closed-toe, black, 4mm., size 28.2cm

short description: P-London closed-toe, 4mm EVA sole with cardboard, slipper color black, size 28.2cm, with non-woven dot cloth sole, NEUTRAL

EUR 0,9820 per pair

Quantity / box, 225 pair | price/box EUR 220,94 net
price/box EUR 220,94 net | plus 19 % VAT and transport costs*

* From 3 boxes there are no transport costs for delivery within the EU

Article nr.: 164630
Delivery information: Delivery is planned for approx. 13.11.2021
This slipper model, made of polyester, with a 4mm EVA sole, is one of our bestsellers and is suitable for carpeted areas and for general use in rooms and bathrooms. This hotel slipper model can be open or closed-toe and, upon request, can be personalized with a logo, made with a colored border, made in different sizes to the standard size. This attractive, comfortable standard model in black for extra glamour, is an excellent value for money buy, suitable for any use in a hotel room.

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