S-Coral closed-toe

short description: S-Coral closed-toe, 5mm EVA sole with cardboard, Slipper color white, Size 28.2cm NEUTRAL

EUR 1,8953 per pair

Quantity / box, 135 pair | price/box EUR 255,86 net
price/box EUR 255,86 net | plus 19 % VAT and transport costs*

* From 3 boxes there are no transport costs for delivery within the EU

Article nr.: 140062
Delivery information: Currently not available. Delivery time approx. 90 days. Minimum order is 8 boxes, also for personalization.
Supersoft Coral Fleece slippers redefine quality and luxury in the world of hotel slippers. Coral Fleece gives a sumptous velvety feel and is a light and breathable fabric for year round use. The striped texture of SerrentiS Coral Fleece slippers adds a touch of modernity. These slippers speak for themselves for quality. The addition of a colored border or a satin band with your logo will make them speak for your hotel. Available in open or closed-toe.

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- The minimum order quantity for this personalized product is 1000 pairs. Delivery time is 90 days, from confirmation of order/confirmation of the graphic design.

- The minimum order quantity for this product colored is upon request. Delivery time is 90 days, from confirmation of order/confirmation of the graphic design.

- This model can be produced in all sizes for children, women and men.

- If you would like to receive an offer for this model, whether it be a personalization or other extras, please contact us.

Personalized slippers with embroidered, one or multicolored logo with normal garn.
Personalized slippers with embroidered logo with metallic garn (usually gold or silver colored).The cost for embroidery with metallic garn is double that of normal garn.
Personalized slippers with a printed or embroidered logo on a satin band in one or more colors. The satin band can be placed either on the footbed or on the bridge. The satin band is normally made of synthetic material - but can be made of cotton if desired (extra charge).
Colored slippers in a color chosen from the Pantone color palette.
Slippers with a colored border.
Slippers with a colored border in gold metallic.
Slippers in different sizes, (all sizes are possible).
Slippers in special packaging e.g. in an organza bag, non-woven fabric, material, cotton etc. (the packaging can be personalized).
Washable slippers.
Slippers as standard are packed in a sealed plastic bag. These bags can be personalized with a printed logo.